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Are Rollators Good For Elderly Mobility?

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What are rollators?

Otherwise known as ‘wheeled walkers’, rollators are a type of mobility aid. Different types are
available, but the majority feature four wheels, height-adjustable handles with brakes, and a storage
basket or bag. There’s also a seat, which you can use to have a rest. Most rollators can also be folded
away for convenient storage and transportation.

What do rollators do?

Rollators are designed to help people with limited mobility walk around safely and easily, ensuring they remain as active and independent as possible. Rollators can be used as an alternative to walking
sticks or walkers.

Who are rollators for?

Rollators are designed for people with mobility issues who are unable to physically lift a static
walker. They represent a lightweight alternative. Because rollators come with wheels and hand lever
brakes, they help the user move around freely without having to worry about losing their balance.
This is important for those who don’t have enough arm strength to lift a traditional walking frame
(Walker) with every step.

What’s the difference between a rollator and a walker?

Rollators and walkers help people with limited mobility get around more easily. But there is one key
difference between the two. Walkers feature a four-legged frame and provide balance and support
for the user. However, unlike rollators, they don’t usually have wheels. This means you need to lift
them up and move them forward as you walk.


ultra lightweight rollator

What types of rollators are there?

Most rollators have four wheels, but not all of them. There are three main types of rollators to
choose from, so here’s a quick rundown:

  • Three-wheel rollators: This type has one front wheel and two back wheels. They have great
    manoeuvrability and make tight turns with ease. They don’t have a seat, but they’re usually
    more lightweight and portable that four-wheeled rollators.
  • Four-wheel rollators: This type has two front wheels that swivel and two back wheels. Most
    also feature a seat to allow the user to rest. If you need a lot of support, this is a better
    option than a three-wheel rollator.
  • Heavy duty: This type has a higher weight capacity than the other two types. They still have
    four wheels, but the frame is made from reinforced steel and the seat is wider. Usually, they have bigger, wider wheels for additional support.

What sort of problems can rollators help combat?

As we get older, some people find that their body can’t support their full weight. This could be as a
result of pain, muscle weakness, or another health condition. But because rollators are weight-
bearing, you can push down on the frame and allow it to support your body weight. As well as
reducing the strain on your body as you walk, this can also help improve your posture.

Speaking of posture, if you have difficulty remaining upright, you feel unbalanced, or you tend to
sway from side to side when you walk, a rollator can also be a helpful solution. The wide base is
designed to increase your stability and prevent falling.

In addition, a rollator can be used to save energy. For example, if you have a heart condition,
breathing problems or you get tired easily, walking with the help of a rollator can help you walk
further, than you would otherwise be able to. In turn, this will also build muscle strength and agility –
so if you’re recovering from a stroke or you’re trying to become more active, rollators can help you
become more mobile and rebuild your muscles as you do so.

Are rollators good for mobility?

Yes, rollers are good for mobility. In fact, the main reason why people use them is the increase in
their ability to walk on their own safety. Supported by a rollator, users may find that they can walk
for a longer distance than they otherwise would, and they also may experience less pain, too.

Increasing mobility in this way can, in turn, lead to increased independence, improved self-confidence
and greater life satisfaction. To view our range of rollators, you can find them here. 

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