5 Handy Household Mobility Solutions

5 Handy Household Mobility Solutions
February 21, 2017

Living with limited mobility can make tasks around the home difficult. We have picked out some handy household and bathroom solutions to make everyday life around the home easier.

Living with limited mobility can make tasks around the home difficult. We have picked out some handy household and bathroom solutions to make everyday life around the home easier.

1. Perching Stools

Standing up for long periods of time may be difficult for those with limited mobility. With a perching stool you can be semi-seated, making it perfect for household tasks such as preparing food in the kitchen or ironing.

Designed to reduce the strain on your legs and joints, our All purpose Adjustable Perching stool is easy to assemble and comes with features to make sitting down and getting up easy. It’s height adjustable, and the angled seating reduces the pressure caused by standing for long periods.

Perching Stool

2. Tables

A table that fits over your chair or bed is a great addition to help with reading, eating and drinking. No more stretching over to the coffee table for your drink – with a spacious table top you’ll be able to keep everything together, whether it’s a magazine, television remote control, a cup of tea, or good book!

With an adjustable table top you are able to tilt the table for reading and lower or raise the table to make eating a meal easier and more comfortable. Some table tops are designed to be used over-bed whilst others are designed for over-chair use. Our Daleside table for over chairs and beds is great because it can be used for both!

To browse the range, simply visit the tables category on our website.

Fenetic Daleside Table

3. Toilet Frame Safety Surround

It’s really important to make sure your home is a safe environment to live in. To reduce the risk of incidents in the bathroom, a toilet frame is an easy addition to help the user get seated and rise from the toilet seat.

Our Toilet Frame safety surround is sturdy, lightweight and provides horizontal support to the user. For extra comfort and security, the toilet frame safety surround also comes with height adjustable legs with ferrule tips to prevent slipping.

4. Bath Steps

Living with limited mobility can make climbing in and out of a bath difficult and potentially dangerous.  Bath steps are a cost effective addition to help the user get in and out of the bath more easily and safely by reducing the amount the user has to stretch and climb.

Our Adjustable height Bath Step features rubber feet to provide extra stability, a textured surface for improved grip, and three different height settings.

5. Leg Rest

If you need to take the pressure off your legs after a long day then a leg rest may be the answer. Portable, padded, and comfortable with the ability to adjust the height and tilt to suit the user, a leg rest could be the ideal accompaniment for your armchair. Here at Fenetic Wellbeing we currently stock 2 different leg rests, one with casters and one without casters to suit your taste.

Fenetic Leg Rest

These are just five simple home additions that can help living at home with mobility issues that bit easier. For further useful products see the bathroom and household section of our website.

For more information about any of our products, email sales@feneticwellbeing.co.uk, call 0800 567 7618, or use the LIVE chat on the website!

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