Fenetic Sprint – A new way of cycling

Fenetic Sprint – A new way of cycling
June 07, 2016

Guess what? Bike Week 2016 is almost upon us. The annual celebration of everything cycling has gone strong for 93 years now. But this is your year, we’re sure of it. From Saturday 11th until Sunday 19th June, folk up and down the land will don their helmets, and gear up for a week of two-wheeled fun.

Guess what? Bike Week 2016 is almost upon us. The annual celebration of everything cycling has gone strong for 93 years now. But this is your year, we’re sure of it.

From Saturday 11th until Sunday 19th June, folk up and down the land will don their helmets, and gear up for a week of two-wheeled fun. With local events happening into September and beyond, there's never been a better time to give cycling a go yourself.

Bike Week is an annual opportunity to show how cycling can easily be part of everyday life by encouraging ‘everyday cycling for everyone’. Pedal to meet your friends, or use your bike to pop to the shops. Wherever you go, you needn't go far. Graeme never does.

graeme on fenetic sprint

The guys behind it want you to reap the social, health and environmental benefits of cruising on two wheels, and so do we! There are obviously plenty of them. Each Bike Week has proven time and again how easily you can make cycling a part of your day.

It’s hard to appreciate just how good it feels to get out and about with the wind in your hair. It could even give you a new lease of life!

There’s a whopping list of Yorkshire’s best bike rides in the pipeline for inspiration. You can look forward to that in next week’s blog, so keep your eyes peeled on the Fenetic Wellbeing blog for updates!

We can see some of you now (not literally), thinking that this is all well and good, but you hung up your cycle helmet a while ago. We hear you. But your days of cycling are not behind you!

The Fenetic Sprint Electric Mountain Bike is the latest bit of hi-tech kit now available through our website. And we’re not joking about the hi-tech bit. It really is something to behold.

Fenetic Sprint Electric Mountain Bike

This pedal-assisted beast will get you up, down and around everything standing between you and your finish line.

Powered by a state of the art Samsung Lithium Ion battery to get you going, the bike also features adjustable and lockable suspension to help you adapt depending on what terrain you find yourself on. When you don’t fancy pedaling, it’ll take you up to 35 miles away, at 15 miles an hour. All without you breaking a sweat.

Your achy knees, exercise induced asthma or general mobility issues may have brought your cycling career to an early end. But here’s how you can get back out on the open road. With this electric bike, a sense of adventure is all you need to conquer steep hills, dirt trails and cobbled roads. It is, at its core, a mountain bike after all.

In the world of electric bikes, it’s not uncommon to see some models reach thousands of pounds. That’s because if you were to take away the battery, what you have is essentially a lightweight mountain bike that even a pro wouldn’t turn their nose up at.

At just 21kg, with a quick release front wheel and saddle which you can adjust to suit your ideal height and angle, they’re great bikes to chuck into your car to get where you’re going. You’ll also find 24 speed Shimano gears (just like the professionals use), alloy pedals and a comfy Velo plush saddle. It’s a cracking ride whether you pedal it yourself, or go full steam ahead with electrical assistance.

Fenetic Sprint Computer

Let’s not forget about those all-important Double Tektro Auriga Hydraulic Disk Brakes, which bring you to a safe standstill. And the nifty little screen you see on the handle bars there? It’s automatically back lit in low-light conditions, so you’ll always see the temperature, your speed and total distance at a glance.

Six hours is all it takes to charge your battery fully thanks to the power charger that is included. If you don’t have time to charge it fully, you don’t need to worry about damaging the battery either. That’s because unlike traditional batteries, Lithium ion batteries don’t have a ‘memory’, and will continue to perform even after thousands of charge cycles.

It’s one of the many reasons why Graeme has fallen in love with the Fenetic Sprint Electric Mountain Bike. We wish we were kidding - you’d have thought he was training for the Tour de France, the way he’s road testing it, almost daily. Maybe you’ve seen him out and about?

Not your cup of tea? We have a whole range of electric bikes suitable for every pocket. 

You’ll fit right in at Bike Week. But it ought to last you a lot longer than that, with FREE delivery and a 12 month warranty, you can’t go wrong.

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