The Best Lightweight Wheelchairs

The Best Lightweight Wheelchairs
July 06, 2018

Lightweight wheelchairs have proven to be a practical choice for many people with mobility issues.

They provide huge benefits for users and attendants alike. This particular type of manual wheelchair can help make everyday activities easier, quicker and more enjoyable, by offering additional mobility and an increased range of motion.

They can be especially useful for those who can lead a more active lifestyle, spend a lot of time travelling, or enjoy getting involved in sporting activities. Thanks to their convenient make-up, lightweight wheelchairs can also be a great choice for individuals who don’t need to use a wheelchair all the time.

What makes wheelchairs lightweight?

It’s pretty simple really – lightweight wheelchairs don’t weigh as much as standard wheelchairs because their components are made from lightweight materials. These include aluminium, carbon fibre and titanium. In addition, lightweight wheelchairs are designed to have minimal rolling resistance, which makes them much simpler for users and attendants to propel.

As with other types of wheelchair, there’s no one-size-fits all approach here. When you start looking for a lightweight wheelchair, you’ll see various different options, meaning you can find a solution to suit your individual requirements. There are two main frame builds to choose from:

  • Folding frames enable you to fold and store your wheelchair with no hassle
  • Rigid frames tend to be even lighter, as they have fewer bolt-on parts.

If you’re considering purchasing a lightweight wheelchair, here’s a rundown of the key benefits you can expect, and what to look for.

They’re super light and portable

Lightweight wheelchairs usually weight between 9 and 15kg, compared to 20 to 22kg for traditional wheelchairs. This reduced weight lightens the load when it comes to transport, handing and carrying. If you decide to go for a folding frame, they can prove even more convenient, as they’ll give you the ability to store them away in small spaces.

Self propel wheelchair with handbrakes ECSP01-16

You’ll enjoy top performance

Lightweight wheelchairs provide more movability than traditional wheelchairs. They come complete with larger, specially designed wheels, which are much easier to turn. You’ll notice straight away how much more reactive these wheelchairs are, as it takes significantly less effort for the user or handler to manoeuvre the wheelchair. This, along with good balance despite its reduced weight, make them an ideal option for those with the ability to take part in physical activities and sports.

Expect optimum comfort

As you know, every wheelchair needs to be comfortable, and you can expect maximum comfort from lightweight wheelchairs. If you wish, you can include extra padding within the seating and leg rest. Shock absorbers can also be fitted within the framework for an even smoother ride. Don’t forget about all those extra touches to personalise your lightweight wheelchair, like beverage holders and lap trays. Add-ons like these can usually be taken off and stowed away when you don’t need them.

They’re tough and durable

Just because a chair is lightweight doesn’t mean it’s lacking in the toughness department. Lightweight wheelchairs meet all the safety demands required of a standard wheelchair. This is because the aluminium structure is equally as strong as other types of industrial materials., which ensures exceptional durability during day-to-day usage.

Why choose a lightweight wheelchair?

While it’s true that lightweight wheelchairs can come with a slightly bigger price tag than some conventional manual wheelchairs, it can be a valuable investment.

Lightweight wheelchairs deliver smooth performance, brilliant balance, and superb comfort. They can also be lifted up and down steps, or onto public transport, with little effort, which can help make daily life much more hassle-free. What’s more, folding frames also make for quick and easy storage every time.

If you need something for longer distance journeys, then you may want to check out powered wheelchairs.

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