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Knee Walkers

All You Need To Know About Knee Walkers

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Knee walkers, sometimes known as knee scooters, feature a sturdy pad to support the user's knee. Suitable for both left and right-handed use, a knee walker avoids pressure on the hands and does not require lots of upper body strength to use.

This is perfect for people that struggle getting around on crutches or have had an operation on their lower leg or foot as it relieves pressure on these areas. These are also ideal for people with low upper body strength or weak arms as there is weight put onto the arms as they are used to direct your walker instead of holding up your weight.

If you are struggling to reach items on higher levels or up on a shelving then it is a good idea to consider turning knee walkers as they offer great support when trying to reach above eye level items. Whilst in a locked position, knee walkers can allow you to move while preserving your injured limb. This enables you to help maintain your healing progress and prevent further injury that crutches may induce.

All of our knee walkers are available with wheels, they allow you to travel greater distances without tiring as quickly. Fitted brakes on the handle bars allow the user to take rests and breaks when required whether that is to admire the scenery or to recover from walking. The positioning of the brakes allows quick and easy access for the user.

All of our knee walkers have height adjustable handles and knee rests to allow comfortable use for any user. They also have the capacity to hold up to 21 stone allowing for a heavier person to use this equipment.

For more information on specific knee walkers make sure to check the specifications on the product page or if you have and questions make sure to ask our live chat who will be more than happy to answer any of your queries.

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