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Zimmer frames are one of the most popular types of walking aid for people who struggle with mobility. They are popular because of their stability when in use, as instead of using wheels for manoeuvrability a zimmer frame focuses on being lightweight to give the user ease when moving. 

Made from lightweight and sturdy aluminium and with the ability to fold our products are easier to take away with you in cars or public transport which can open up new horizons for people who find walking difficult or need to rest frequently. The folding ability also allows quick and easy storage when not in use without taking up too much space in your home. As well as foldable our zimmer frames are height adjustable so that users can find the most comfortable position to use these when walking.

Each of our folding walking frames features rubber ferrules to enhance grip on any surface these also provide plenty of support for those who require a helping hand. As well as grip the handles are designed to help you securely grasp the frame when on the move.

If you require a higher amount of manoeuvrability than what a standard zimmer frame can offer then there are products that include two front wheels. These help users who struggle to lift the zimmer frames completely as you are able to roll the sturdy frames along on the front wheels instead. 

If zimmer frames aren't for you, then you can try rollators. These come with 4 wheels and are one of the best products for quick and easy mobility with breaks to allows users to pause and take a break when desired by its user. These also come with extra features such as a seat or basket.

We always recommend measuring doorways first to make sure the Zimmer frame can easily be carried throughout the home. For any more information feel free to message us through our chat, email us or give us a call.

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