How our bucket lists have changed since the first lockdown

At Fenetic Wellbeing, we understand how important living life to its fullest means to people, and with COVID-19 making everyone reconsider what it means to live life to its fullest, we have noticed that peoples bucket lists have changed since the start of the first national lockdown.

The Best Yorkshire Walks For A Lockdown Catch Up

A lot has happened over the last year and no doubt you will have tonnes of gossip to share with missed loved ones. Granted the gossip has moved away from scandalous workplace relationships, to finding things you didn’t even know you owned whilst cleaning out the cupboard. Nevertheless, if there is anything that we have learnt, the small things are worth celebrating and time together is precious.

Lockdown exercises for the elderly

The UK has been under Covid-19 restrictions for nearly a year, and if you are an older adult, you might have been confined to your home for a long period of time.