About Us

The mobility industry is littered with companies, many of which fall into one of two distinct groups.

There are those who charge high prices in order to extort the elderly or vulnerable, and those who charge prices so low that there is almost no customer service or aftersales care.

Fenetic Wellbeing exist to provide you with the right mobility products for your individual needs, at a price you can afford. All backed up by a level of aftersales care that you can rely on.


To us, it’s personal

We were born in Yorkshire, which means Yorkshire hospitality is in our blood.

We will be here to offer help and guidance on all mobility and wellbeing needs. We will never over promise or under deliver.

In business mistakes happen. How we deal with those mistakes and learn from them is key to keeping standards high.

When a customer is unhappy with any aspect of their experience with us, we act as soon as possible to sort it out.

Our unique level of customer service and honest approach has made us the healthcare and mobility provider of choice to over 100,000 satisfied customers since 2009.

Personal mobility should be exactly that. Personal.


Freedom should be hassle-free

To keep things simple, every mobility product we sell comes with free delivery and a 12 month warranty.



We do not have a shop or showroom, but we do have a warehouse! You are welcome to visit to view our products, however please contact us beforehand to arrange this on 0800 5677618.