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#OnYourEBike Electric Bike Event A Success!

OnYourBike event Header

We’ve long advocated that you can’t truly appreciate the power of our electric bikes until you hop on and give it a go.

That’s why we always give you the option to visit us at our warehouse to take one out for a spin, with no obligation to buy.

But we wanted to go one further than that. So we invited a group of bloggers, video makers, and the general public to try our range of electric bikes. They learned how the bikes work and tried this new way of getting from A to B for the first time.

Electric bikes

The overall response was great, with one of our guests saying:

“I must admit before the event I didn’t really know much about e-bikes. Now all I can say is I definitely want one”.

Guest on a Fenetic Sprint Electric Mountain Bike

Their friend added:

“I can see why electric bikes are getting more and more popular. These ones aren’t clunky at all! To the untrained eye they look just like normal bikes. It was only when I set off and the electric motor kicked in, I realised it’s very capable of replacing my car for those short journeys”.

Guest on electric bike

As you can see from the pictures, we picked a perfect day for it, too! We even caught a rare glimpse of Graeme smiling as he tested the folding mechanisms on our Fenetic Sport Electric Mountain Bikes.

Graeme with folding electric bikes

After completing a few laps of Robert’s Park in sunny Saltaire, one lady commented:

“My bike at home has been collecting dust in the shed for the past four years. Since retiring I haven’t had the confidence to cycle as often as I used to. With these I feel like my world has opened up again, I could glide around all day on this and not feel tired. It’s bloody brilliant!”

Guests riding Fenetic electric bikes

Overall it was wonderful to hear such positive reviews about our bikes, and even better to share our excitement with all different kinds of people on such a beautiful day.

Don’t worry if you missed out this time, we’d love to do it all again soon! For now, if you’re interested in trying one of our electric bikes out, visit us at our warehouse for a no obligation test drive.

To all who attended on the day, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, and thank you once again for taking part. Until next time.

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