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5 Affordable Mobility Aids That Could Give You Back Some Independence

5 Affordable Mobility Aids That Could Give You Back Some Independence
October 13, 2017

There’s no shame in asking for help, but when you want to live on your own terms, here’s how you could regain your independence without breaking the bank…

There’s no shame in asking for help, but when you want to live on your own terms, here’s how you could regain your independence without breaking the bank…

From bathing safely to getting up out of your sofa and making your way around your home more confidently, these mobility aids could make your life easier – so you might not have to wait for others to offer a helping hand.

1. Wobbly on your feet? Lean on an Ultra-lightweight Rollator

Ultra- Lightweight Rollator Blog

Stroll around your home, garden and wherever you please without leaning on a kind arm – this Folding Walking Frame Rollator with Tray and Basket has 8-inch puncture proof tyres that roll over uneven ground and carpet, giving you a sturdy and supportive steel walking aid at all times. Alternatively, use the frame to help yourself out of your chair, bed and sofa.

Better yet, you shouldn’t need help carrying a bag back from the shops or meals from room to room – pop them in the built-in basket or on the tray helped by a rim to help stop objects from sliding off. When you need to catch your breath, press the brake levers down until they lock into place and take a seat.

Starting from as little as £49.99Alternatively, browse the entire rollator collection.

2. Difficulty walking? Ride a Self Propelled Wheelchair

Self propel wheelchair Elite Care ECSP02

Move around at your own pace in this self propel wheelchair Elite Care ECSP02, whether you’re disabled or struggling to walk unsupported – due to a sore foot, leg or hip.

As you might expect, you’re free to manoeuvre yourself by rolling the puncture-proof rear wheels, when you’re sat on the wheelchair’s padded canvas seat. You gain back some independence because your companion doesn’t have to push you, as they would with our other lightweight wheelchairs.

Make yourself comfortable by adjusting the footrest, flipping up the armrest or folding down the backrest as you please.

Starting from as little as £99.99 ex VAT. Alternatively, browse the entire wheelchair collection.

3. Get stuck in your chair? Relax in a riser recliner

Bronte Electric Riser Recliner Chair

Sink into a comfortable black, brown or cream faux leather armchair without needing someone to help you to your feet – push the riser button on the handset and the Bronte electric riser recliner chair will quietly tilt forward, helping you smoothly out of the chair and giving you back some independence.

Starting from as little as £249.99 ex VAT. Alternatively, browse the entire riser recliner chair collection and read our guide to finding the right riser recliner chair for your budget.

4. Worried about nipping to the loo? Add a raised toilet seat

2 in 1 Raised Toilet Seat with Removable Arms 5

Raise the height of your loo seat by 17-inches with this 2 in 1 raised toilet seat to make accidents less likely and to regain some privacy. When the heavy-duty moulded plastic seat is safely locked to your toilet with the worm screw, you won’t have to squat as low to sit on the toilet and it should be easier to get up again.

If your balance isn’t as good as it used to be or you need support when you’re sat, grasp the 5-inch high, foam-padded armrests on both sides – you can remove these if ever you want to.

Order yours for less than £35 ex VAT or browse the entire collection of bathroom aids.

5. Struggling to bathe? Perch on a shower stool or bath seat

Shower/ Bath Stool

Feel safer in your bath or shower and relax more at bath time – wash in private when you’re sat on a shower stool or bath seat that doesn’t even need to be drilled into your walls. Simply adjust the height of the aluminium legs that have anti-slip rubber tips and wipe the moulded plastic seat clean. When you’re finished in the bathroom, it can be lifted out of the way of others, as it weighs just 1.4kg (3lbs).

Starting from as little as £18.99 ex VAT or browse the entire collection of bathroom aids.

Call 0800 567 7618 or use the Live Chat feature for more help ordering the right mobility aid. FREE UK delivery and one year’s warranty on everything.

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