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Affordable Riser Recliners under £600

Affordable Riser Recliners under £600
December 08, 2022

Check out our affordable riser recliner chairs for under £600, with VAT relief.

Although everyone is feeling the pinch this winter, we want to make sure you’re not compromising on comfort. If you’re in the market for a more affordable Riser Recliner, we have compiled a list of our cost-friendly riser recliner chairs under £600 with VAT relief*.


Thornton Riser Recliner

The Thornton Riser Recliner’s dual-motor mechanism allows you to adjust the footrest and backrest separately so you’re able to find the perfect position to suit you and your needs. It doesn’t only recline for your comfort but also raises to assist you to an almost standing position.

The stylish fabric finish and soft cushioning make for a warm and cosy feel to suit a range of decor. For ultimate relaxation, the Thornton Riser Recliner has a heated seat and a 6-point vibration massager, two in the upper back and shoulder, two on the lumbar, and two on the seat. The footrest, backrest, heat, and massage features can all be operated easily using a four-button handset.

Price: £599.99 with VAT Relief





Clayton Riser Recliner

The Clayton Riser Recliner has a dual motor mechanism so you’re able to operate the backrest and footrest separately. This gives you the flexibility to enjoy lots of different positions. Keep the backrest up while also elevating your feet after a long day, or relax fully to a comfortable snooze position, or with the touch of a button, this chair can help you rise to your feet. The simple four-button handset is easy to use and also has a handy USB port for charging devices.

Price: £569.99 with VAT Relief





Queensbury Riser Recliner

Recline all the way back in the Queensbury Riser Recliner, or rise to your feet with the help of the smooth and quiet electric motor. The dual motor can be easily operated using a simple 4-button handset and there is a handy pocket on the side of your chair to keep all your essentials. The sturdy wooden knuckles on the arms of the chair provide additional support when getting up and out of your chair.

Price: £569.99 with VAT Relief





Cavendish Riser Recliner

The leather finish on the Cavendish Riser Recliner offers a more traditional look and is available in three different colours. The dual motor allows you to move the backrest and leg rest separately so you can choose from a range of seating positions. If you struggle with mobility, feel the freedom of movement again as you’re able to rise from your chair with the click of a button with the help of the Cavendish Riser Recliner.

Price: £499.99 with VAT Relief







*What is VAT Relief? If you are chronically sick or disabled and mobility is for your own domestic use you may be exempt from VAT. Our product listings show prices inc. VAT and excl. VAT to show how much you could be saving if you do qualify.

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