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The benefits of using folding wheelchair for air travel

The benefits of using folding wheelchair for air travel
July 11, 2023

Find out more about the many benefits of using folding wheelchairs when travelling.

Folding wheelchairs can make air travel more efficient and convenient for wheelchair users, as well as provide them with independence and confidence when travelling.

With a growing awareness of the needs of passengers with disability, airlines and airports have made significant improvements in ensuring a smoother travel experience. However, many people may prefer to take their folding wheelchairs with them on their travels.


Why should you use folding wheelchairs when travelling?

Here are some of the benefits of using folding wheelchairs for air travel.

1. Portability and manoeuvrability

Folding wheelchairs are designed to be easily folded and compact, making them convenient for air travel. They can be stored in the plane’s cargo hold. You can then speak to your airline to find out what help they’ll provide when boarding.

2. Independence when travelling from A - B

Airports and airlines are required to provide assistance and accessibility options for wheelchair users. However, by using their own folding wheelchair, travellers can maintain their independence and mobility throughout their journey.

3. Familiarity and comfort

Many wheelchair users prefer using their mobility device as it’s more familiar and comfortable for them. Folding wheelchairs can be customised with cushions, armrests and footrests and adjusted according to a user’s specific needs and preferences.

4. Time and efficiency

A folding wheelchair can save time and streamline your travel day. You won’t have to wait for airport-provided wheelchairs, instead can use your wheelchair right from the moment you arrive at the airport.

This can minimise waiting times, especially during peak travel periods, and allow individuals to move more efficiently through security checks, customs and other airport procedures.

5. Safety and reliability

When using their own folding wheelchair for air travel, individuals have control over the maintenance and condition of the wheelchair. Some people may also prefer to use their own wheelchair to try to reduce the risk of potential issues or malfunctions during their journey.

Users can feel more secure and confident in their wheelchair, knowing it is reliable and well-maintained.

6. Cost savings

By bringing your wheelchair on your travels, you can avoid having to spend money on renting wheelchairs once you reach your destination.



It’s important to note that specific airline policies and regulations regarding the user of folding wheelchairs may vary. We advise checking with your airline in advance to ensure you comply with their guidelines and requirements.

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