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Can I Fit An Armchair Into A Small Space?

Can I Fit An Armchair Into A Small Space?
January 19, 2018

Having an armchair really could make all the difference to how you feel about your living room. Not only does it provide an extra seat whenever you need it, but it also means you can enjoy the ultimate comfort of having your own, personal place to put your feet up after a long day. For some, it could even make a house really feel like a home.

But what if your living room is a bit smaller than average? Will you be able to squeeze in an armchair into that gap? Well, that depends on the size of the space, of course. But you may find that thinking carefully about the way you arrange the furniture in your home could make way for an additional seat – either for you or your guests to enjoy when they come over.

Consider the layout

If you’re not blessed with plenty of space in your lounge, it’s about time you got creative with the layout. Ask yourself whether you could make room for an armchair, or even a recliner, if you moved things around. That all depends on the dimensions of your room, and only you can answer that question – but it’s definitely worth considering your options (and making a few key measurements) before you discount the idea altogether.

For example, if you shift your sofa along a little, could you pop an armchair in the corner? Or if there’s a piece of furniture that you haven’t used in years, would it be a good idea to sell it to make way for an extra seat? Remember, you don’t want to make your room look cramped, and you’ll still want to leave plenty of room to walk around with ease. But if you take a little time to have a closer look at the current layout of your room, then it might surprise you what you can actually fit in there.

Make the most of the space you have

Every piece of furniture counts in a small living room. So if you need to make more room to accommodate an armchair, then you need to make sure your other furniture is carefully selected, too. Ask yourself things like: how big does your coffee table actually need to be? Do you really need that desk? And what about that giant bookcase – would having wall-mounted shelves instead give you a lot more floor space to work with?

As well as making additional space out of nothing, this could all help make your living room look and feel bigger than it really is. Use optical illusions to make your room feel larger, too, such as carefully positioned mirrors.


Could I get a recliner chair?

If you’ve managed to make way for an armchair, then you might even be able to go one step further and get yourself a recliner armchair. As well as offering another comfy seat for you or your guests, it means you’ll also be able to recline into a position that suits you when you want to lay back and relax. What could be better than that?

Look out for compact recliner chairs designed for tighter spaces. These small recliners are scaled down slightly, without compromising on comfort, quality or style. When you buy online, you’ll be able to find the all important dimensions listed in the product description – so make sure you look out for these before making any final decisions.

Think about style

Once you’ve decided which size you need, it’s also a good idea to think about the colour you’d like to go for. Remember to consider the décor in your home and choose something that will complement the space. And bear in mind that bold shades have the potential to make a small space look even smaller, particularly if you have lots of other furniture in the room.

Going for something neutral and plain (such as a light colour with no intricate pattern) could be a safe option. It’ll help your armchair blend into the space, rather than drawing attention to it.

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