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Christmas Gift Ideas For Grandparents

Christmas Gift Ideas For Grandparents
November 24, 2017

Stuck for what to buy grandparents this Christmas? Then make sure to read this guide about what kinds of gifts grandparents really appreciate!

It’s time to start buying gifts for Christmas, so make sure you don’t leave the grandparents off the list. It’s often difficult to buy gifts for older relatives – they’ve usually got everything they need or want, and that classic line, “Oh, surprise me!” when you ask them for ideas simply leaves you floundering. So what kind of gifts do grandparents really appreciate?

personalised gift

Something personal

Personalised gifts mean the most, particularly if they’re being given by grandkids. Handmade gifts are even better, especially if they’ve been made with real love and care. In fact, handmade gifts usually get a much better reaction than something shop-bought at the last minute.

For grandmothers, a piece of handmade jewellery is ideal, especially if it’s in her favourite colours. For grandfathers who love gardening, why not get a trowel and hand-fork set from a shop, and then take the time to personalise them?

Look online

There are plenty of online gift stores that specialise in unusual gifts for grandparents. From personalised cufflinks for a sophisticated grandfather to a quirky wooden bookmark for a bookworm grandmother, there are lots to choose from. You can even buy a personalised sack of seed potatoes for the grandparents who love to grow their own food!
online shopping

However, don’t assume that just because you’re buying for grandparents, you have to get something dull or ‘safe’. This generation of grandparents are fitter, more active and more adventurous than ever before. So if your grandfather regularly does 5-mile runs before breakfast, or grandmother is a black belt in karate, buy them a present that’ll fit in with their active lifestyle. Sports tech is a great gift, and also keeps everyone active. Buy grandfather a FitBit and you’ll probably struggle to keep up with him on that post-Christmas lunch walk!

Photos and memory gifts

Photos are possibly one of the most personal gifts you can give your grandparents, especially if they come in a beautiful frame. In an age where many digital photos are consigned to the ‘delete’ file, never to be seen again, a photo in a frame is a more permanent memory and one that will always be cherished.

How about finding out more about your grandparents’ ancestry? Genealogy is incredibly popular now, and it’s a great way to find out more about your own family story. Genealogy starter kits are unusual, exciting, and can bring the whole family together in an adventure through the generation.

Gifts that improve quality of life

If your grandparents are a little more elderly or have mobility issues, then gifts that improve their quality of life are a great idea. A riser recliner chair bed makes a real difference to someone who has trouble getting into and out of a normal chair, not to mention up the stairs.

Pride 670 Riser Recliner

However, this is probably a gift that you can’t surprise someone with, as you’ll need to talk to them about their needs, what style of chair they would like, and the size of the chair.

Presents to avoid

Not all presents are received with thanks, and there are some things that you should definitely leave off the Christmas list. Clichéd presents like ‘World’s greatest grandfather’ mugs are okay as a stocking filler, but they don’t demonstrate a great deal of thought or care. And while they may be appreciated when the weather turns chilly, avoid socks as a present, unless they’re personalised.


We all love a little bit of a treat at Christmas, so a great gift for grandparents is a hamper full of goodies. From whiskey flavoured fudge and Fair Trade chocolates to an organic food hamper filled with tasty vegetables, a hamper is always appreciated – especially if it has a bottle or two of wine included.

How to find out what they want

Finding out what grandparents would like for Christmas can be tricky, so you may need to be sneaky to get some clues. If you are choosing something big like a riser recliner chair or riser recliner bed then you’ll need to talk to them directly about their present. However, for those little things from the grandchildren, you’ll need to turn detective. If they love gardening then find out if there are any particular tools or gadgets that would make time in the garden even more fun.

If they love baking then how about a personalised wooden chopping board, or a set of novelty cupcake cases? The possibilities for great Christmas presents for grandparents are endless – just remember to avoid those boring multi-packs of socks!

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