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Coolest Wheelchairs Of All Time

Coolest Wheelchairs Of All Time
May 18, 2018

Wheelchairs don’t have to be black, bulky, and, well, black again.

Thanks to the development of ultra-light materials, new designs, and a wheelchair community that want their chairs to do much more than simply move them around from A to B, the world of wheelchairs has opened up. Now you can get super-lightweight chairs that will fold down into an easy-to-carry bag, specialist sports wheelchairs that help disabled people to carry on competing, and even Segway style chairs for easier mobility. Let’s have a quick look at some of the coolest wheelchairs on offer today.

Colourful chairs for colourful people

For decades, wheelchairs were like Ford motorcars – you could have any colour as long as it was black. Today, that’s all changed. Wheelchair manufacturers have realised that people, especially young disabled users, want more colour in their lives. They want their chairs to be a reflection of their personality, and not just a useful piece of equipment.

Fancy something in shocking pink? How about electric blue? Chairs of all colours are now available and are especially appreciated by younger users who may feel intimidated by a traditional black chair.

Lightweight and foldaway versions

If you want to get out and about but you’re limited on car space, foldaway chairs are the ideal solution. The coolest chairs come complete with their own bag, and they’re lightweight enough for anyone to carry. If you’re planning to travel abroad then a foldaway option will certainly save you time and money when it comes to paying for excess baggage.

Prode I-Go folding powerchair 2

Olympic Grade racing wheelchairs

The 2012 London Paralympic Games were a seminal moment in disabled sports. They showed to the world that disabled athletes are just as capable of competing at the very highest level as their able-bodied compatriots. The huge success of the Paralympics also kick-started a rush on wheelchair development for athletes, whether they take part in track and field events, wheelchair basketball or rugby, or more sedate sports such as bowls.

Today, Olympic Grade racing wheelchairs have come down in price and are affordable for club-level competitors, giving them the chance to progress in their sport using the best possible equipment. Let’s be honest, too – racing wheelchairs are pretty high up on the ‘cool’ list, too!

Segway wheelchairs

These represent the very cutting edge of wheelchair technology, and are super-cool. Beware, though: these high-tech chairs are not cheap! Segway chairs use the same (or similar) self-balancing technology that traditional Segways use. This lets the user move freely, even up and down stairs. They also raise the user from the traditional sitting position to a more elevated stance, so they can talk to able-bodied companions without any difficulty.

Going off-road – tracks instead of tyres

If there’s one problem that wheelchair users have often come up against, it’s using a chair on rough terrain. Today, tracked chairs (which literally have miniature caterpillar tracks instead of wheels) have overcome this problem. That means the Great Outdoors is now far more accessible than ever, giving wheelchair users real freedom.

Looking back on all of that, who says wheelchairs aren’t cool? We think they’re amazing, and we know our customers do too!

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