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Spring cleaning: Organising your home for accessibility

Spring cleaning: Organising your home for accessibility
April 12, 2024

Tips on decluttering and organising homes to improve mobility and access for those with disabilities.

“Home is where you feel loved, appreciated, and safe.”-Tracey Taylor

For individuals with mobility issues, creating a home that is both safe and accessible is paramount. Many homes are not initially built to accommodate their needs, turning everyday environments into navigational challenges. An accessible home removes these barriers, offering freedom and security, and ensuring everyone feels truly at home in their space. 

To further enhance this accessibility, decluttering and spring cleaning are vital. These are not just annual chores, but essential steps that significantly reduce obstacles and organise space, making navigation easier and safer. This process not only optimises the physical layout of the home but also fosters independence and improves the overall quality of life, making daily activities more manageable and enjoyable.

Decluttering Strategies to Create an Accessible Home

Identify the key areas

Identify areas where accessibility improvements are needed most. Focusing mainly on creating clear pathways and removing obstacles in those spaces first.

Start Small

The process of decluttering can be overwhelming. Start with one room or even a single area within a room to make the process more manageable.

Donate or Recycle

It can be difficult to throw out old items. Decluttering helps you determine what you actually need and what you no longer use. When it comes to items you no longer need, consider donating those in good condition. Recycling or repurposing items is also an eco-friendly way to reduce waste.

Involve Everyone

 If you share your living space with others, involve them in the decluttering process, as it’s always the best when done together. Collaborative efforts ensure that everyone's needs and preferences are taken into account.

Organizational Tools and Aids

Creating a space that works for you is paramount. Here are some useful ways you can organise your home to make it more accessible.

  • Adjustable shelving: Install adjustable shelving that can be customised to different heights. This allows for easy access whether you’re standing or seated.

  • Sliding baskets & pull-out cabinets: Use sliding baskets and pull-out cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms. These features make it easier to access items without having to reach far into the back of cabinets.

  • Staircase bins: Place bins or baskets at the bottom and top of stairs to collect items that need to be transported between floors. This strategy prevents clutter from accumulating on staircases and reduces the need for multiple trips.

  • Vertical storage solutions: Use vertical space wisely with hanging organisers or over-the-door storage racks. These are perfect for organising shoes, accessories or cleaning supplies, keeping them accessible and neatly arranged without taking up valuable floor space.

  • Magnetic wall strips & pegboards: Install magnetic strips or pegboards in the kitchen or workspace areas. These can hold metal tools, utensils, or craft supplies, keeping them organised and easily accessible, without the need to rummage through drawers.

  • Rolling carts: Consider using a rolling cart for daily essentials such as medications, reading materials or electronic devices. These can easily be moved from one room to another to reduce the need to carry while keeping items tidy and organised.

An accessible home fosters a sense of belonging and independence for those with mobility issues, transforming everyday spaces into environments that support safety, comfort, and ease of movement. By undertaking regular decluttering and spring cleaning, homeowners can significantly enhance the functionality and accessibility of their living spaces. Through thoughtful changes and proactive organisation, every home can be a sanctuary for those who live there.


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