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Have you played #TypeToTheTest?

Have you played #TypeToTheTest?
August 15, 2019

Have you had a chance to play our new game #TypeToTheTest?

As we get older, our mental capacity has a tendency to decrease and decline over time. Constantly testing ourselves both mentally and physically helps to keep our brain ticking and that’s why we created a new online typing game. As you get older playing brain teasers like Sudoku and Crosswords keeps your brain active and can boost your mental agility. This also keeps your memory sharp, improving your brain’s capacity in later years. 

What is the #TypeToTheTest game? 

Within our game choose from one of ten categories and see if you can beat the competition and climb to the top of the leaderboard. You can choose from the following categories:

  • Art
  • British Towns
  • Cities
  • Food
  • Garden
  • History
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Sports
  • TV Shows

Say, for example, you select the Sports category, you’ll be tested with a number of different words, varying in difficulty. These range from the more simple words like Bike and Bat, to more complex words like Badminton and Aerobics. 

Once you've completed one category, you can move onto different categories to try and test yourself further. You never know, you may find yourself at the top of all ten categories? 

Typing Game

Challenge yourself 

Our typing game not only lets you type faster and start touch typing when played on mobile devices, but it might help to keep your memory and your brain sharp. 

Continually educating your brain only has positive implications. It’s important, even as age starts creeping in, that you keep your brain’s neurons as active as possible. Activities and skills that are new to you keep your brain ticking over nicely. 

What are the benefits of touch typing?

What is touch typing we hear you ask? Touch typing is the method of typing without looking at the keyboard. Your fingers get so used to typing that your muscle memory recognises the location of each of the keys you need to hit. 

Touch typing increases the speed of your typing as you’re not constantly looking for the next key to hit. The time to type out things like emails drastically reduces. Research has shown that a touch typist types on average around 60 words per minute, compared to non -touch typists who type around 15 words per minute. 

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Can interactive games help to prevent cognitive decline in your brain?

Repetitive games and tasks that test your brain and present a tough challenge help to build your brain’s capacity.  This is why puzzle games like Crosswords and Sudoku are so popular, they similarly help to maintain your brain’s cognitive functionality and strengthen your mental muscle.

According to research, taking part in mentally and physically tough tasks increases your heart rate and in turn, helps you stay mentally sharp. Partaking in physical activities like walking and cycling are a great way to stay fit and healthy. You also need to ensure you’re staying social, as this can boost your mental health and your sense of belonging. Socialising also is likely to mean you’re heading out of the house, which is a form of physical activity.

Share and compete against your friends

Do you have that one friend who always boasts about how fast they can type? Then share our game with them and separate the touch-typing wizards from the keyboard snails.

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