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How to choose the right riser recliner chair for your living room

How to choose the right riser recliner chair for your living room
February 28, 2023

Looking for a riser recliner chair to fit seamlessly into your home? Check out our blog to find out how to choose the right riser recliner for your living room.

When you first begin installing mobility aids in your home they can appear quite clinical. You may be wanting to buy a riser recliner chair but are worried that it may become an eyesore in your living room and not match the rest of your décor.

With our riser recliner chairs, we have made sure they’re available in a range of styles, materials and fabrics so you can choose a chair to suit your taste and style without compromising on comfort.

We have looked at the most popular interior trends and found a riser recliner chair to match each style. We hope this helps you find the right riser recliner that will fit seamlessly into your home!


1. Modern

Modern home interiors are usually fuss-free and minimalistic. Modern décor often follows a monochrome colour scheme and gives a clean, smart look.  This style's simplicity and timelessness make it a popular choice in people's homes.

Functionality is a key feature of the modern style, for this reason, we’d recommend the Clayton riser recliner chair. It has a dual motor mechanism so the footrest and headrest can move independently, a simple handset for easy use and a built-in USB charging port. Additionally, the Clayton’s sleek design fits seamlessly into modern homes, whilst also providing the correct support for users.


2. Boho

The Bohemian interior style is relaxed and carefree. This style mixes organic and natural colours, patterns and textures. The comfy cushioning on the Cullingworth matches the warm and cosy feel created by Boho interiors. The Cullingworth is available in a range of colours perfect for a Boho home; classic beige, brown, mocha and grey weave fabric.

The Cullingworth was also awarded the Which? Best Buy 2022 – ‘’simply put this is the best riser recliner we’ve ever seen’’. The footrest and backrest move independently of one another as well as the lumbar and headrest. This gives users complete control to find the perfect position for them.


3. Scandi

Much like modern décor, the Scandinavian style is minimalistic, and simple and focuses on functionality. The main difference between the two styles being the colour scheme; Scandinavian décor features warmer neutral colours as it incorporates natural elements, such as wood, wool, linen, jute and also a pop of greenery with the use of houseplants.

The Thornton riser recliner chair will fit perfectly into a Scandi home. The seam-edge cushions create a clean and sleek look, and the warm wheat colour will add warmth to your living room. The Thornton also has heat and massage features to keep you cosy and comfortable while you kick back in your riser recliner.


4. Minimalist

As the name suggests, this style is simple. It focuses on only the essential elements of a room with little ornaments or decoration to add. For this reason, all furniture is functional and serves a purpose. The Westminster is the perfect example. This more simplistic design fits perfectly with the minimalist aesthetic.

As well as looking stylish, you’re able to adjust the footrest, backrest and headrest to ensure it provides the right support for you. The Westminster has won not one but two Which? awards. ‘’For speed, ease of use and comfort this chair is a worthy Best Buy’’ as well as its recent award for Best Value.  


5. Industrial

Industrial interiors mix modern and antique styles. It is inspired by old industrial spaces and often has darker features and uses elements of raw materials such as metals, wood and exposed brick. To match with the more vintage aesthetic, we’d recommend the brown leather Atlas riser recliner.

The Atlas is one of our more popular riser recliner chairs and was awarded a Which? Best Buy in August 2022. This is what the product experts at Which? had to say … ‘’it is comfortable to sit in for long periods of time, and easy to operate – making it a solid Best Buy’’. The Atlas has an easy-to-use hand control so you’re able to adjust the footrest, backrest, lumbar support and headrest to suit you.


 6. Rustic

Rustic interiors are more rugged, natural and often aged, or even a little distressed. This style often uses warm, earthy tones as well as natural and organic materials such as wood, stone and leather to create a cosy, inviting and lived-in feel within the home. The mushroom colour leather Westminster would be the perfect addition to a rustic-style home.

The luxurious leatherette material and stitching details would be in keeping with the rustic style and with guaranteed maximum relaxation! The Westminster smoothly reclines for your comfort and rises to support you to standing. Additionally, you can adjust the headrest and lumbar support to take some of the pressure off your neck and shoulders.


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