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How to get a mobility scooter for free in the UK

How to get a mobility scooter for free in the UK
April 09, 2020

Here at Fenetic Wellbeing we supply mobility scooters at fair prices, however we understand that sometimes a little help is needed. Please read our blog below for advice on which organisations and charities you can contact for more information.

Mobility scooters are often quite expensive because of the robust features they include however, this can be debilitating for those who cannot afford the cost. Not having access to a mobility scooter if you really need one can cause those in need to sacrifice their freedom, which could ultimately lead to devastating mental health issues.

Fortunately, there are many options in the UK that allow you to get a mobility scooter at a reduced cost or even for free. Fenetic Wellbeing do not offer funding for free mobility scooters, however, below is a list of charity funding options that may be able to help with the funding of mobility equipment. Please contact these charities if you wish to receive funding for a mobility scooter. These charities include:

  • Elifar Foundation – Funding up to £5k
  • Handicapped Children’s Action Group – Funding up to £2k
  • Dusk till Dawn – Funding up to £2k
  • Caudwell Children – Funding up to £5k
  • Comedians Golfing Society – Funding up to £2.5k
  • The Nihal Armstrong Trust – Funding up to £1k
  • Variety Children’s Charity – Funding up to £15k

Unfortunately, some of these charities only provide funding for those up to the age of 18. However, Mobility Trust provide powered wheelchairs and scooters for those of any age, but in order to apply for help there is an informal form to fill out before any formal application can be made, which will determine if you are eligible for help.

Another way to get help is to apply for grants. Independence at Home is one organisation that provides grants of up to £500 to people of all ages who have a physical or learning disability. This grant can be used towards not only a mobility scooter, but other home adaptation or essential items that are not available from public funds.

Alternatively, if you receive a Disability Living Allowance at the higher rate for mobility, you could use all our part of it to obtain a scooter through the Motability Scheme.

How Fenetic can help?

Although Fenetic do not offer funding for free mobility scooters, Fenetic has a wide range of mobility scooters on offer, suitable to a variety of needs. One of our easiest mobility scooters to disassemble, store and transport are our Portable Mobility Scooters. These scooters are small enough to fit in the boot of your car and have a range of innovative features. Alternatively, Fenetic also offer Road Legal Mobility Scooters and Mid-Range Mobility Scooters, so there is an option for everyone!

If you are unsure on whether you need a mobility scooter or you are unsure what scooter would be right for you then Fenetic have professional experts on hand to answer any questions you may have. You can also give us a visit at our warehouse to test out any of our products before purchasing!

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