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There's No Reason to Be Afraid

There's No Reason to Be Afraid
July 05, 2016

Here at Fenetic there is an ongoing game. The aim of the game is to try to scare other staff members out of their wits.

Here at Fenetic there is an ongoing game. The aim of the game is to try to scare other staff members out of their wits.

As the game has gone on, the attempts have become more elaborate... Natalie in particular has developed the unique ability to fit into small boxes, cupboards, and all manner of places in order to scare the rest of us.

Occasionally we get it on film…

On one occasion, I spotted an opportunity to scare Talia so, as she had left the office to go to the warehouse, I wedged myself under her desk. As I sat there stuffed under the table, knees round my face, I started to think...

My first thought was…

‘I’m 33. A grown man. What am I doing?’

Followed by…

‘Why do I have cramp in my foot?’

And finally…

‘How can I justify doing this when I have a mountain of work to be getting on with?’

This last thought continued to run through my head until finally I started thinking about fear and being scared.

Ironically, our job at Fenetic is not to scare people, it is in fact our purpose to reduce people’s fear and anxiety about all sorts of things.

We understand that if you are looking at our products there is an issue with yourself or a loved one. This is a potential source of anxiety. We aim to reduce your fear and deal with the issue and help you in a hassle-free way.

Products aimed at vulnerable people have always attracted businesses who lack any kind of moral compass. They prey on confusion, lack of information and they thrive on scare mongering. This leads to panic buying and poor value for money.

Here at Fenetic we endeavour to be open, honest and fair.

Information is key, and we have loads of it. We encourage you get in contact and ask as many questions as you have about our products. We are here to eliminate your fears and help you choose the solution best suited to give you back the freedom you deserve.

Whether it is a riser recliner chairfolding wheelchair, or lightweight walking aid.

As I sat there thinking this... Talia came back into the office and before I could jump out, she calmly stated that she could see my feet.

She requested that the 33 year old father of one and responsible business owner to please remove himself from under her desk.

She was probably right.

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