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What Does the Word Value Mean to You?

What Does the Word Value Mean to You?
October 04, 2016

According to Fenetic Wellbeing co-owner Tom, the word ‘value’ is about much more than the number on the price tag.

According to Fenetic Wellbeing co-owner Tom, the word ‘value’ is about much more than the number on the price tag.


I was asked to write a blog…

And as per every time I get asked to do this, I couldn’t think of a single interesting thing to say; so I started thinking about the word ‘value’.

What we think is important to Fenetic customers when they are considering making purchase with us is not about price, but about value. Fenetic Value.

Over the best part of a decade our business has rested on three main pillars:


Price, Service, & Honesty


  • Fair Prices for High Quality Equipment
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Honest advice to suit your needs


As a result, you, the customer, get good value.

Last night, as I was struggling to write something interesting, three customers phoned to buy from us. I ended every call with:


“If you have any issues in the first year with the product we will be there to help you out, and even after the warranty period is up, we will help you in any way we can”


That is an example of Fenetic Value.

There is value in knowing Fenetic will be there to help you at any time in the future.

Throughout the year, I listen at work and hear how we treat our customers.


We Act upon the Feedback of Our Customers


We have procedures dedicated solely to improving the quality of the products we sell out the door.

From Al, Graeme and Leon in the warehouse discussing the merits of each individual product, to Natalie, Brittany, and Talia logging the feedback on products from the office.

We then work with our manufacturers and discuss with them not only how better to design and make our products, but also ideas for new products.

As a result, our products are simply better due to the work we put into improving them. This is how we give you value - Fenetic Value.


Knowing that the £79.99 wheelchair or the £249.99 Riser Recliner chair you purchase is the result of hours of analysis, discussion, design and manufacture, is our guarantee of Fenetic Value.

We are by no means perfect. But with Free delivery and 12-month warranty included, we can promise that every product Fenetic Wellbeing sell is packed full of value.

Fenetic Value.

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