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What To Look Out For When Choosing A Recliner Chair

What To Look Out For When Choosing A Recliner Chair
September 11, 2017

Recliner chairs are all about two key things – comfort and style. With so many different types of recliner it can be difficult to pick the right one.

Recliner chairs are all about two key things – comfort and style. With so many different types of recliner chair on offer, it can be difficult to pick the right one. Here’s a few handy hints to help you choose the right recliner chair.

Manual or electric?

Electric recliners are operated by an electric motor that gently manoeuvres the back into a reclined position, and extends the front to support your legs. With riser recliners, the motor rises and lowers the seat to help you into and out of the chair with ease. Modern motors are very quiet and unobtrusive, although they will need to be serviced regularly to ensure they work smoothly.

Manual chairs use a very simple system that is usually operated by a handle or lever at the side of the chair, which repositions the seat, or allows it to tip forward as you rise, supporting you. These are very low maintenance and often considerably cheaper than electric versions, although they may not be suitable for users with severely limited mobility.

 Sorrento swivel rocker electric recliner chair

Riser recliner chairs

If you have difficulty getting into and out of a chair then a riser recliner chair may be the best option. These are chairs that gently tip forward when activated, making it easier for those with limited mobility to get up from or into the chair. They are usually electronically operated and are ideal for those with medical conditions.

If you have serious mobility issues and need a riser recliner chair to help you live independently then you may be eligible for financial support to buy a recliner chair through your local authority or council assisted living department.


Leaving space for a recliner

Recliner chairs are larger than normal armchairs, so make sure you have enough space not only for your chair when it is sitting in the normal position, but also when it is reclined. If you have chosen a chair that fully reclines then you’ll need to leave a little bit of extra room both behind the back of the chair and in front of it for that all-important extra legroom.

You may have to move your living room furniture around to accommodate a recliner chair, such as making sure it’s positioned correctly if you want to watch television, or that you have plenty of light (either natural or electric) if you want to read. Certain chairs even feature space-saving technology to allow the chair to recliner even when it is up against a wall.

Aesthetics – leather or material, patterned or plain?

Once you’ve decided on what type of recliner to go for then it’s time to break out the material swatches. Recliner chairs come in as many variations as ordinary armchairs, and you can choose from patterned material or soft leather, contemporary or traditional. The choice is yours, but remember that it should fit in with your existing décor and be adaptable enough to blend in with any future changes you may make.

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