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What’s the Best Bedroom Mobility Furniture?

What’s the Best Bedroom Mobility Furniture?
January 15, 2020

If you or a loved one is experiencing difficulty getting in and out of bed, it could be time to invest in some specialised bedroom mobility furniture.

As one of the most common mobility issues in the home, there are multiple ways to regain some of the comfort, stability, and safety that may have been lost over time. We'll take a look at the products available to help you decide what's right for you.  

Making the right choice

If your issues are similar to any of the scenarios below, we may be able to suggest a bedroom mobility aid to help you:

'Sitting up in bed is causing me discomfort'

Folding Backrests

If you enjoy reading or watching television from the comfort of your bed, an adjustable bed backrest could make a big difference to your life, giving you the freedom to sit up safely and comfortably. It comes fitted with a padded head cushion for additional support, and a lightweight yet sturdy folding frame that makes it easy to store when not in use. Find your perfect seated position from 5 different angles up to 85 degrees. Please be aware this product has a max weight capacity of 18 stone. 

Memory Foam Contoured Pillow

'I'm struggling to find a comfortable sleeping position'

Memory Foam Cushion

We’ve all heard of memory foam mattresses, renowned for their body-hugging comfort. But did you know there's also memory foam cushions

Designed to support your neck and head in a natural sleeping position, the ergonomic design moulds to your neck and supports you as you sleep. Our memory foam pillow is hypoallergenic, fully machine washable, and tumble dry friendly, making it the perfect addition to your bedroom.

'I need to be able to eat and drink while in bed'

Over Bed Table

An over bed table is ideal for anyone who spends an extended amount of time in bed. Making it easy to enjoy activities like reading, eating a meal, or drinking a cup of tea. Simply set the desired height and slide the table over the bed or chair using the metal handle.

A handy lip stops your book or magazine from sliding off when the tabletop is tilted, and you'll also find a smaller table that stays level at all times to make it easy to rest food and drink. 

Fully reversible for left or right-hand use, additional features include locking brake castors and an optional extension piece for beds over 1.5 metres high. Please be aware that home assembly is required. 

Looped bed rail with pocket

'I need help getting in and out of bed'

Bed Safety Rail

If you or a loved one has difficulty getting in and out of bed safely, an adjustable bed rail might be just what you’re looking for. Bed rails provide additional stability and support courtesy of a sturdy handrail. They’re ideal for anyone who is recovering for surgery such as an injury or hip replacement.

Cost-effective, practical, and convenient, you can place your bed rail on either side of the bed and fit most bed types. Are you heading away overnight? They’re transportable and can be detached and reattached with ease. Some models also come with pocket storage for things like remotes, mobile phones, books, and glasses.

Bed rails are perhaps the easiest way to ensure peace of mind that may have been lost when getting in and out of bed.

'Getting to and from my bedroom is too difficult'

Walking Aids

If you have difficulty moving to and from your bedroom, a walking frame is an ideal solution. Bedrooms are often short on space and unsuitable for wheelchairs. This is where walking aids like Zimmer frames come into their own. Sturdy grips and lightweight frames give you the confidence to move safely from room to room and double as a stable hold to help you get out of bed.

They're easy to fold away, so if you have space under your bed you can simply slide your Zimmer frame away before you sleep. Once you wake up, you or a carer can then pull the walking aid back out for you to use, it's that simple.

If you have difficulty lifting a frame as you walk, rollators benefit from wheels and a seat for even more peace of mind. Before committing to any walking aid, make sure you measure doorways and the space in your bedroom first to ensure that you can fit a walking frame through. 

For more information on finding the best bedroom mobility furniture for your needs, feel free to contact us or use our live chat below to chat with us directly. We’re always more than happy to help.

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