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Why are riser recliners good for hip and knee pain?

Why are riser recliners good for hip and knee pain?
December 21, 2023

Do you suffer with hip and knee pain? Find out how riser recliner chairs can help manage hip and knee pain.

Rise and recliner chairs offer a variety of benefits for elderly individuals, particularly those who suffer from hip and knee pain. Our award-winning riser recliner chairs offer people the comfort they want when relaxing and the support they need when standing up and sitting down.

5 Benefits of Riser Recliners for Hip and Knee Pain

1. Improved mobility

Riser recliner chairs come equipped with a dual motor mechanism to help users rise and recline with ease.

The mechanism moves both the backrest and footrest to assist the user in getting into an upright position without placing any additional stress on their hips and knees. This feature makes it easier for users, especially those who struggle with hip and knee pain, to stand up from their chairs.

Furthermore, the gradual recliner feature also helps users to sit back down. This helps reduce the pressure on hip and knee joints.

2. Additional comfort and support

Riser recliners have supportive padding, some even have additional lumbar support. This not only contributes to overall comfort but provides proper support and posture to relieve the pressure on affected joints and help manage joint pain.

3. Adjustable seating position

Dual motor riser recliners offer users the flexibility to adjust both the back and footrest independently of each other, allowing them to find the perfect seating position. This helps reduce pressure on the hip and knee joint, promoting better posture, and reducing pain and discomfort.

Whether it’s an elevated seat to assist with standing or a reclined position to reduce discomfort and aid relaxation, the versatility of a riser recliner creates a more comfortable and supportive environment for those dealing with hip and knee pain.

4. Heat and massage functions

Riser recliner chairs with heat and massage are highly beneficial for individuals dealing with hip and knee pain.

The massage function delivers a gentle yet effective massage to reduce tension and promote relaxation. Additionally, the heat function helps to soothe tight muscles, increase blood circulation, and alleviate stiffness in the hip and knee joints.

5. Different seat sizes for better support

We offer a range of riser recliner chairs that cater to individuals of all sizes. The chairs are available in standard, bariatric and petite sizes. Choosing the right size of riser recliner chair is crucial for enhancing comfort and reducing hip pain.

It ensures that you are seated comfortably, with optimal support and proper spinal alignment, which reduces unnecessary strain on your hips. Additionally, a properly sized riser recliner chair makes transitioning between sitting and standing easier, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.


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Are you suffering from hip and knee pain? A riser recliner chair is your comfortable and supportive solution. Browse our range of rise and recliner chairs here and order online now.

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