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Are electric recliner chairs good for your back?

Are electric recliner chairs good for your back?
November 10, 2023

Read more about why electric recliner chairs are good for your back.

Electric recliner chairs are suitable for all ages and are especially beneficial for elderly individuals who may experience more severe back pain.

With their advanced features and comfortable design, electric recliner chairs can provide the perfect combination of comfort and relief. These chairs have a range of features that are able to support the body and alleviate back pain.


Why is an electric recliner chair good for back pain?

Electric recliner chairs have a variety of features that can be beneficial for alleviating back pain. Here is how recliner chairs can help to reduce back pain:

• Pressure relief: Recliner chairs help to distribute weight more evenly, reducing the pressure on your lower back and spine.

• Posture support: Many recliners have features such as lumbar support and headrests to help maintain proper spinal alignment. This reduces the risk of poor-posture-related back problems.

• Relaxation: Kicking back and relaxing in your recliner chair can help to reduce muscle tension offering some relief from back pain. Elevating your legs can also help to relieve pressure on your lower back and reduce back pain.

• Massage: Recliner chairs with massage are good for muscle relaxation. This can help to relax tense or stiff muscles and improve back pain.

• Heat: You can also choose a recliner chair with heated features. This can also help to relax muscles, reducing stiffness and alleviating back pain.

It’s important to remember that if you do suffer from lower back pain avoid sitting in recliner chairs for prolonged periods of time.

It’s important to still move around and stay active to maintain mobility. You must also ensure your recliner is adjusted to your needs to ensure it’s properly supporting your back to alleviate back pain.


Our best-selling electric recliner chairs for back pain:

If you're looking for an electric recliner chair to help alleviate back pain, we recommend checking out some of our best-selling recliners. 

Atlas Riser Recliner: This award-winning electric recliner chair has head and lumbar support to ensure you can find the right position for you to maintain proper spinal alignment.

Hainworth Riser Recliner: With heat and massage, this electric recliner can help with muscle relaxation to relieve back pain.

Cullingworth Rise and Recline Chair: Another of our award-winning recliner chairs comes with an optional lateral support backrest for added back support.


If you’re suffering from back pain and are looking for a more comfortable seating solution check out our range of electric recliner chairs here.

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