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Are recliner chairs good for arthritis?

Are recliner chairs good for arthritis?
October 16, 2023

Recliner chairs can help ease discomfort and joint pain when living with arthritis. Read on to find out why recliner chairs are good for arthritis.

Living with arthritis can be an everyday battle, with joint pain and discomfort making simple tasks much more challenging. Something as simple as finding a comfortable seating position can seem nearly impossible.

However, with recliner chairs, you can find a comfortable seating position to ease arthritis symptoms.


Why are recliners good for arthritis?

The ability to recline and adjust the chair's positions can help reduce pressure on sensitive joints and help you find a pain-free seating position. With adjustable back and footrests, recliner chairs offer customisable support that suits your individual needs.

Additionally, our range of riser recliners are also an excellent choice for individuals living with arthritis. Their lifting mechanism makes it easier for people with mobility issues to go from a seated to a standing position.


How can recliner chairs with heat and massage help arthritis?

The combination of heat and massage in recliners can help relieve pain and enhance mobility for individuals with arthritis.

The heating element helps to relax muscles, improve blood flow and ease joint stiffness – all common concerns for arthritis sufferers. Additionally, the massage functions help to reduce muscle tension and inflammation.


Our best recliners for arthritis:

  • Cullingworth Riser Recliner Chair: The Cullingworth is one of our best recliners. The Which? experts claimed ‘’This is the best riser recliner we’ve seen’’. With optional lateral backrest support, this riser recliner provides optimal comfort levels.
  • Westminster Rise and Recliner Chair: Awarded a Which? Best Buy for its speed, ease of use and comfort, the Westminster is one of our bestselling recliners. Available in luxury fabric material or eco-friendly leather.
  • Bronte Riser Recliner Chair: This recliner chair features a 4 motor system. This allows you to recline and rise to a standing position, as well as adjust the headrest and lumbar sections for ultimate comfort.
  • Atlas Recliner Chair: This is another one of our award-winning recliner chairs – for its comfort and easy operation. With adjustable footrest, backrest, headrest and lumbar support, you can find the perfect position to relax.


To carry on browsing, find our full range of recliner chairs here.

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