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Best Chairs For Back Pain

Best Chairs For Back Pain
November 06, 2018

Whether you have mild or serious back pain, coping with it can really take it out of you.

Did you know that, in general, sitting down for long periods isn’t good for your body? In fact, sitting down for too long can increase your back pain, as well as damaging your hips. This is because too much sitting weakens your muscles because they aren’t receiving enough stimulation.

When you have back pain, sitting down can provide welcome relief. It’s important to have a good chair that doesn’t cause further damage or discomfort. The definition of a good chair is one that provides plenty of support for your back, and you feel comfortable when you sit in it, too.

With this in mind, what’s right for one person may not be right for somebody else, so the perfect solution for you depends on your individual needs.


Which types of chairs are best for a bad back?

Take a look at some of the best riser recliner chairs for the elderly who are suffering from back pain.

  • Riser recliner chairs

    A riser recliner is powered by electricity, allowing you to find your ideal seating position with a touch of a button. You can tilt and lift the entire chair forward and back down again, making it easy to get out of the chair or get into the chair at sit.

    This can be a welcome solution if you suffer from back pain that limits your mobility, or if you have arthritis that makes it painful to get up and down. Plus, once you’re sitting down in the chair itself, the supportive seat offered by a riser recliner can help alleviate the pressure in your neck, back, and joints.

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  • Recliner-only chairs

    If you suffer from back pain, a simple recliner chair (which reclines but doesn’t rise up to help you to back onto your feet) can also provide relief if you have a bad back. Just take a seat and settle in as you would in any other armchair and find the position you want – you can recline all the way down until you’re flat, or choose a slightly laid-back position.

    Take your pick from single-motor (back and footrest move simultaneously), dual-motor (back and footrest move independently) or manual (with a hand lever only) options, depending on your needs. It can also make you feel more comfortable if you have poor posture, weak knees, or swelling in your feet.

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  • Heat and massage chairs

    If you suffer from constant back pain, circulation problems, or any other mobility problem, a heat and massage could make a big difference to your comfort levels. With heat and massage chairs, you get all the benefits of a normal electric recliner chair plus a heat and massage function, designed to release tension from your back and joints.

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Find out more information on why recliner chairs are good for back pain here

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