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5 features of an off-road wheelchair

5 features of an off-road wheelchair
August 07, 2023

Looking for an off-road wheelchair? Find out what features to look out for when purchasing an outdoor wheelchair.

For people with limited mobility, off-road wheelchairs can provide an opportunity to more comfortably and confidently explore outside. Walking long distances and navigating uneven terrain can be challenging for those with mobility issues. But, with the help of an outdoor wheelchair, individuals can confidently explore the great outdoors.

If you’re trying to find the right wheelchair for outdoor use, the main things to consider are the type of terrain you’ll be using the wheelchair on and the mobility needs of the wheelchair user.


What is an off-road wheelchair?

An off-road wheelchair, also known as an all-terrain wheelchair or outdoor wheelchair, is a wheelchair designed to handle more challenging terrain. They’re built to provide individuals with mobility issues with the freedom to explore outdoor environments that may cover gravel paths, grassy areas, sandy beaches or off-road trails.


5 features to look for in an outdoor wheelchair:

Here are some of the important features to look out for when buying an outdoor wheelchair.

1. Large wheels: If you’re going to be using your wheelchair outdoors on surfaces such as gravel or dirt, larger wheels will give you more stability and make it easier to roll over rougher terrain.

2. Suspension: To ensure a smoother and more comfortable ride in your wheelchair, you will want your outdoor wheelchair to have suspension to help absorb bumps and vibration on rough terrain.

3. Sturdy construction: If you’ll be using the wheelchair on paved surfaces, you can get away with a smaller, lightweight wheelchair. However, an outdoor wheelchair needs to be more durable to withstand rougher terrain.

4. Comfortable seat: If you’re going to be out all day, you’ll want to make sure the seat is comfortable enough. Look for a seat that is padded and has good back support. 

5. Weight and portability: If you plan to transport the wheelchair frequently, you’ll need to consider its weight, or if it can be folded down for more convenient transportation and storage.



Once you’ve got your outdoor wheelchair, check out some of our favourite off-road wheelchair walks in Yorkshire.

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