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5 signs your wheelchair needs replacing

5 signs your wheelchair needs replacing
September 04, 2023

Here is how you should know when to get a new wheelchair and how to dispose of your old wheelchair properly.

Whether you use a wheelchair occasionally or rely on it for long-term mobility and it is an essential part of your daily life, it’s important to know when to replace your wheelchair.


When should you get a new wheelchair?

A well-looked-after wheelchair should last around 5 years, depending on the weight of the user, the amount of use the chair gets and the type of terrain it’s used on. Wheelchairs used on rough terrain may need to be replaced more often.

You may have also purchased different wheelchairs for other occasions, for example, an off-road wheelchair for outdoor use, or a folding lightweight wheelchair for travelling.


5 signs you need a new wheelchair:

  1. The wheelchair is no longer comfortable
  2. The wheelchair does not provide the support you need
  3. The wheelchair no longer meets your changing mobility needs
  4. The wheelchair is damaged or broken
  5. The wheelchair is more than 5 years old

If your wheelchair is broken, there may be a way for you to fix it with our replacement wheelchair parts, including replacement footrests for wheelchairs, wheelchair wheels, and brake levers.


How to look after your wheelchair so it lasts longer:

There are some general wheelchair maintenance tips and tricks that can help extend the lifespan of your wheelchair to ensure it comfortably lasts 5 years.

  • Store your wheelchair in a dry, cool place
  • Avoid extreme temperatures or humidity
  • Keep your wheelchair clean, wash off any dirt or debris
  • Inspect your wheelchair regularly so you can identify and fix any issues


What to do with old wheelchairs

Whichever way you decide to dispose of your wheelchair, it’s important to do so correctly. Whether you’re wheelchair no longer meets your mobility needs but can be refurbished and rehomed, or is broken beyond repair, here is what to do with your old wheelchair.

If you’re wheelchair is still in good working condition there are many charities that accept donations of used wheelchairs. They will refurbish and give the wheelchairs to people in need.

You could also sell your old wheelchair. If your wheelchair is still in good condition but you need a new wheelchair, you can sell your used wheelchair. For example, you can do this on eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

If you’re wheelchair is no longer in good condition, you can recycle it. Some recycling centers may accept wheelchairs, just contact your local recycling centres to see if they’ll take your wheelchair. Before recycling your wheelchair, disassemble it as much as possible.



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