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9 of the most picturesque piers for a wheelchair-friendly beach day

9 of the most picturesque piers for a wheelchair-friendly beach day
September 07, 2023

Find out why piers are the perfect way for wheelchair users to enjoy a hassle-free day at the beach.

There are limited beaches across the UK that cater for wheelchair users. However, if you’re a wheelchair user who is looking for a fun day out at the seaside, piers are the perfect way to enjoy coastline views whilst on safe, steady terrain.

First and foremost, piers often have smooth, level pathways that are easy for wheelchair users to navigate. Most piers nowadays have ramps and wider walkways to accommodate wheelchair users. They also have various activities and attractions such as amusement rides, restaurants, and shops, making piers the perfect combination of accessible, scenic and entertaining.

What seaside piers are wheelchair-friendly?

Having looked at the number of Instagram hashtags for each pier across the UK to determine the most Instagrammable piers, our mobility experts have then evaluated each destination’s wheelchair accessibility.

1. Bournemouth Pier, Dorset

(54,500 hashtags)

With accessible ramps leading onto the pier, visitors with mobility challenges can easily access its attractions such as arcades, cafes and shops. The wide promenade is smooth and level, providing a comfortable route for wheelchairs.

2. Hastings Pier, East Sussex

(38,500 hashtags)

Hastings Pier is a welcoming spot for a wheelchair-friendly day out. The pier has been designed to accommodate visitors with mobility challenges including smooth, level pathways and accessible toilets. The restaurants and shops on the pier are also accessible, with plenty of room for wheelchair users to manoeuvre.

3. Cromer Pier, Norfolk

(35,100 hashtags)

There is a ramp at the entrance to the pier that allows wheelchair users to access the pier. The pier is wide and spacious, making it easy for wheelchair users to move around and explore. The pier can also get quite busy and crowded, which can make it harder to manoeuvre your wheelchair. To avoid busy periods, it may be best to go earlier in the day, or outside of school holidays.

4. Worthing Pier, West Sussex

(33,800 hashtags)

Worthing Pier is accessible, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the beautiful seaside experience. With accessible ramps, it’s easy for wheelchair users to navigate the pier including the amusements and amenities.

5. Eastbourne Pier, East Sussex

(30,600 hashtags)

Eastbourne Pier is designed to ensure that every guest with varying mobility requirements can fully embrace the experience. All of its attractions and attractions, shops and stalls, are step free and accessible. So, whether you’re craving some arcade action or just want someone to soak in the seaside view, Eastbourne Pier is the perfect hassle-free day out for wheelchair users.

6. Penarth Pier, South Glamorgan

(29,400 hashtags)

Penarth Pier has undergone renovations and enhancements over the years, including the installation of ramps and spacious decking to accommodate wheelchair users. Penarth Pier has created an inclusive and welcoming environment for visitors with mobility challenges to relish in the timeless seaside experience.

7. Southend Pier, Essex

(26,800 hashtags)

The Southend Pier Railway is a railway that operates on Southend Pier, taking visitors the length of the long pier. The train ride offers breathtaking views of the surrounding coastline, making it a top-rated attraction for tourists. It’s not only a quick and easy way to visit the pier’s end but also adds to the overall charm and experience of visiting Southend Pier. The Pier trains have step-free access from the Pier station with a designated carriage with wider doors for larger wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

8. Llandudno Pier, Conwy County Borough

(20,100 hashtags)

Llandudno Pier is spacious and has gently sloping ramps making it easy for wheelchair users to navigate around the pier. This ensures that every visitor, regardless of their mobility, can savour the sea air and enjoy the quintessentially British seaside experience.

9. Brighton Palace Pier, East Sussex

(19,800 hashtags)

Brighton Palace Pier goes the extra mile to ensure accessibility for all its visitors. The pier has ramps and wide smooth pathways, making it easy for individuals with mobility aids to navigate the pier and explore its attractions.


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