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Here's how you can combat loneliness and isolation

 Here's how you can combat loneliness and isolation
April 21, 2022

Making a difference in the lives of our nation's most vulnerable people. As a mobility aids specialist, it's what we do.

Here's how you can combat loneliness and isolation 

Become a Pen Pal and connect with someone who lives alone 

Sometimes the smallest gestures can make the biggest difference to someone's life.

Pen Pals is an initiative to help ease loneliness and improve the lives of anyone who is adjusting to spending more time at home.

Whether you want to exchange handwritten letters, emails, or phone calls, regular contact is the easiest way to combat loneliness and make friendships along the way. 

Engage vulnerable people online

We're brightening your newsfeed with brain-engaging content on our social media channels.

Expect good news stories from around the world and throwback nostalgia, mixed with classic puzzles, brain games, and lots of exciting content to get stuck into.

Promoting the incredible work of others

Sometimes you don't always know what's out there! But, there are many charities and organisations specialising in combating loneliness. Whether it's days out to the coast, activities at the centre or a general chit chat, they will always be able to provide. 

Google is a great way to find your local charities and organisations!


Get a furry friend

Spending time with a pet releases endorphins. Endorphins have a calming effect and reduce levels of stress.  Having pets around are a great way to incorporate exercise into your day. They give you the chance to socialise with other people on walks or in groups and of course, they are great for a cuddle!

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