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The Best Homemade Face Masks

The Best Homemade Face Masks
May 28, 2020

During the coronavirus crisis facing the UK and the rest of the world, face masks have become an everyday item. Particularly in situations where social distancing is difficult. But with the sudden increase in popularity, face masks have become difficult to get your hands on.


At Fenetic Wellbeing, we don't like the idea that someone who needs a face mask might be going without. That's why we’ve put together the easiest guides we found to show you how you can make your own homemade face mask.

Why use face masks?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) released information about why we should wear face masks. Face masks help to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 into the community. It doesn’t necessarily stop you from getting it but it helps to stop the spread. 

The face mask needs to cover your mouth and nose. It can block the release of virus-filled droplets into the air when you cough or sneeze. This, in turn, helps slow the spread of COVID-19. However, the use of a mask alone doesn’t provide an adequate level of protection to prevent you from catching the disease. 

You also need to ensure that you’re washing your hands regularly with alcohol-based gels or soap and water and still practice social distancing. 

How to make homemade face masks

Making a homemade face mask couldn’t be easier. You’ll need to make both the mask and fabric ties to ensure the mask stays on your face. 

Here's how to make your own low-cost face mask from the comfort of your home. 

Tea Towels

Tea towels or any form of fabric cloth are great to use for face masks as April Wilkerson and her mum describe in the video below. 

They’re one of the most effective household items that we can use because of their size. This means that there’s plenty of material to cover both your nose and your mouth.

Fashionable Face Masks

Face masks don’t need to be boring. You can use patterned fabric to make your face mask looks fashionable, just like YouTube channel “Billettes Baubles Eco Alternatives” shows here:

Using a T-shirt

If you have a spare t-shirt lying around that you haven’t worn for years, you can use it to create a face mask without the use of a sewing machine. Not everyone has access to a sewing machine, so this could be on the easiest DIY methods out there. Take a look at Natalia Tim’s guide below and you’ll see how easy it is! 

If you have a few spare t-shirts lying around, you could even make a few masks for family members or to hand out to vulnerable people within your community. 


If you have a bandana in your home, you can fold it up and use it as a face mask. Douglas Graham shows you how to use a bandana to make a face mask. All without using a sewing machine. 

So there you have it. Some of the best homemade face masks that you can make to protect yourself and others.

While you're here

During the lockdown, we’re committed to combating loneliness and isolation, particularly in the elderly community. Pen Pals is our initiative to help ease loneliness and improve the lives of anyone who is adjusting to spending more time at home. 

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