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Living Room Mobility Furniture Ideas

Living Room Mobility Furniture Ideas
February 23, 2018

If you have mobility issues, then designing your home to meet your exact needs really can make all the difference to your everyday life and comfort.

Making careful and considered choices about your furniture is a great place to start, and sometimes even the smallest changes can have the biggest impact. We’re not talking about ‘Feng Chui’ here, but practical, simple decisions that can give you more room to move around, or give you a safer, more comfortable living space.

You need plenty of functionality in order to make life easier for yourself. But if you thought that meant compromising on style, think again. Today, you have plenty of options to choose from – so why not have a read through our list and see how you can make your living room work for you?

Riser recliner chairs

Usually, the living room is the place we all go to relax, so your comfort is the biggest priority of all. If you struggle to get out of your chair, then a riser recliner will be invaluable. At the touch of a button, it’ll lift your feet and take the pressure off, which will help with swollen feet and ankles, too. When you’re ready to get active, you can use it to help you stand up without struggling.

Canterbury Dual Motor Massage Riser Recliner Chair

There are lots of different versions available, with something for every budget and taste. It all depends on your needs. If you want a little extra relief, you could always go for a luxury heat and massage chair. It can really help ease tension in your back and joints, so you can enjoy the ultimate comfort of a personal massage whenever you like.

Leg rests

If you only have a standard armchair, then you could boost your comfort levels with the simple addition of a leg rest. Lots of us like to get home and put our feet up after a long day, and this solution can really help take the pressure off your feet and boost your comfort levels when you take a seat.

It’s much better for you than simply using a stool, because it’s designed especially for people with mobility issues. They’re height adjustable and can also tilt, so you find the perfect position for optimum support. A padded cushion gives extra support to ensure superb comfort. In addition, their lightweight frames make them easy to move around, so you can put them away when they’re not in use.

The Daleside Table

This over-chair table will give you a handy surface for eating, reading, and other activities while you relax in your chair. It’s both width and height adjustable, so you can move it to suit you. You can change the angle, too. All you need to do is move the metal handle at the top, which is designed for left and right handed users alike. Cleverly, the table top also comes with a lip to hold your books and magazines in place when you tilt it. You can also use it in bed, so it’s a versatile piece of furniture suitable for any home.

Coffee table on wheels

Furniture on wheels isn’t solely designed for people with mobility issues, but it is designed with functionality and flexibility in mind. There are loads of different (and often stylish) options to choose from, including coffee tables that you can move towards or away from you as and when you need. Or you could just tuck them away in the corner of the room and bring them out when you have guests over.

Remember, leave room to move around

When it comes to adding or rearranging furniture in your living room, it’s well worth considering the layout. First of all, make sure you check the dimensions of anything before you commit to buying it. You don’t want to end up with something that doesn’t fit.

In addition, if you use a wheelchair, then you don’t want to pack too much into the room, or else it won’t be as easy for you to move around. Make sure you leave plenty of space between pieces, so that your path isn’t blocked.

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