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How Much Does A Good Recliner Chair Cost?

How Much Does A Good Recliner Chair Cost?
March 11, 2018

If you have mobility issues – or you just want some extra comfort or support – a recliner chair could be just what you’re looking for.

Perhaps you already have one of your own, but it’s seen better days and you’re going in search of a replacement.

Whatever your reason for looking for a new recliner chair, you’re spoiled for choice with different options. When it comes to finding the best one for you, there are several factors to consider before you make any final decisions – from fit, style and fabric to how much you can afford to spend, your personal mobility level, and even how much space you have in your living room.

Consider it an investment

When it comes to searching for your ideal recliner chair, it’s all too easy to get swept up by top-of-the-range options with all the bells and whistles, especially if you spend a considerable amount of your day sitting down. After all, optimum comfort and support are key, especially if you have issues with your joints or have difficulty getting into and out of a normal chair.

But remember, you also need to keep a tight grasp of your budget. It can be all too easy to overspend, so set yourself a price that you can afford and make sure you don’t break your budget. Recliner chairs start from less than £200, all the way up to around £800 and beyond. Whichever level of recliner chair you decide to go for, you can rely on us to deliver value for money every day of the week – and that means you always get a fair price when you come to us.

How Much Does A Good Recliner Chair Cost?

Features to look for…

Different features can affect the price of recliner chairs. Here’s a quick rundown of a few things to look out for.

  • Fabric – If you’re looking for lower-price options, it’s worth keeping an eye out for less expensive fabrics to keep your costs to a minimum. These include microfibre, a synthetic fabric that looks and feels similar to suede. Fancy pushing the boat out a little? Real leather can come at a price, but it has a luxury look and feel that’s almost impossible to replicate using cheaper materials. For some, real leather is well worth the cost as it lasts for much longer and, let’s be honest, it looks gorgeous!
  • Manual – These tend to be cheaper than electric recliner chairs. You won’t have to plug your recliner into the wall, instead you operate the rise and recline function with a simple lever. You also don’t have to worry about cables running across the floor (a potential trip hazard) or having to put your chair close to a wall socket.
  • Electric – If you have really limited mobility, then an electric chair is likely to be a better option for you. For the ultimate comfort and convenience, the electric recliner chair (or riser recliner chair) is the way to go. You’ll have a remote control that enables you to find your perfect seating position, so you’ll enjoy comfort and support tailored to you. Basic models don’t have to cost the earth, and it really can make all the difference to those with mobility issues.
  • Luxury features – Fancy going all out? Well, you’ll love recliner chairs complete with massage functionality. After a long day, it’ll take care of your aching muscles so you can finally relax. This feature can come at a price, so don’t overstretch yourself if your budget won’t allow, but for those who would benefit from a daily massage are sure to find that it’s worth the investment.

How much should you spend on a recliner chair?

Everyone’s different, so the right recliner chair for you depends on your individual needs and the budget you have available. It’s important to take your time thinking about what will work for you – including how much you can afford to spend.

Feel free to have a good look around at our latest line-up, and if you have any questions we’re only a phone call away.

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