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What Do All Contemporary Recliner Chairs Have In Common?

What Do All Contemporary Recliner Chairs Have In Common?
March 16, 2018

If you’re shopping for a new recliner chair then there are lots of things you’ll need to think about.

There are a whole host of different features to choose from, which can sometimes make selecting the perfect recliner for your needs a little challenging. Whether you have mobility issues or are just in the market for a new chair for watching the latest Netflix releases, you’ll be pleased to hear there are some things that all contemporary recliner chairs have in common, as well as some important differences to bear in mind when shopping for a new recliner.

It’s all about the technology

The latest electric recliner chairs use dual or single motors to power the reclining motion. With a single motor, the footrest and backrest move together, while a dual motor allows the footrest and backrest to move independently, for greater control. If you’re plagued by a bad back or suffer from swelling in your ankles, a dual motor may be the best choice, giving you the ability to raise your feet while sitting upright and vice versa.

This is really a personal preference, and every customer is different. If you have mobility issues such as bad knees or hips, a riser recliner is a great option as it helps you to your feet when you need to get up, while easing pressure in your neck, back and joints while you recline.

Axbridge single motor riser recliner chair

A choice of fabric

When it comes to choosing the right recliner chair for your home, you’ll want to select a chair which co-ordinates perfectly with your existing interior décor.  If you’re treating yourself to an investment chair (one that will be with you for years) then real leather has a luxurious, contemporary look and feel and lasts for much longer than faux leather. You’ll also find microfibre, a synthetic alternative to suede which comes at an affordable price, as well as a range of fabric options in different colours from neutral shades of brown, grey and cream, to more colourful options such as green, wine and blue.

Options to suit all budgets

If technology isn’t your thing and you want to invest in a new recliner chair while saving money, a manual chair is an affordable choice. There’s no need to plug your recliner into the wall, as a handy lever simply causes the chair to rise and recline. This means there are no restrictions as to where you can put your chair, as it doesn’t need to be close to a power socket. It also means that trip hazards are minimized as there will be no cables trailing across the floor.

There’s no need to spend more than you can afford on a recliner. At Fenetic Wellbeing we have options for all budgets, from manual fabric recliners to top-of-the-range leather electric riser recliners. Whether you are looking for the luxury of a real leather riser recliner with massage features or prefer a simple manual recliner for relaxing, we can help you to find the best chair for your needs.

Luxurious extra features

You’re spending money on a chair that you’re probably going to use on a daily basis, so why not go all out and treat yourself? Contemporary recliner chairs come with a range of additional features such as cup holders, pockets, remote controls and even heat and massage functions. A vibrating massage function is a great way to soothe aching muscles and reduce swelling, helping you to relax and unwind. It can also ease a sore back or stiff joints, ensuring your new recliner chair is worth its weight in gold.

Why not take a good look at our latest line-up to see if you can find your perfect chair?

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