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Benefits Of A Massaging Dual Motor Recliner Chair

Benefits Of A Massaging Dual Motor Recliner Chair
October 11, 2018

Not only do recliner chairs offer you a little bit of luxury and comfort at the end of a busy day, but they can also ensure that people with mobility issues have somewhere comfortable to sit without struggling to get in or out of the seated position.

Add a massage facility and you’ve got the ultimate in comfort and relaxation – the perfect addition to any lounge!

What is a dual motor recliner?

There are two types of recliner chair – those that use a manual operating system via a lever at the side of the chair, and those that use motors to move the chair into a reclining position. Of the latter, there are once again two different types: those that use a single motor to operate both the back and the leg rest, and those that use two independent motors to operate each part of the chair separately.

A dual motor recliner chair means that you can adjust the position of both the back and the leg rest according to your own preferences, making it easy to get truly comfortable. If you only want to adjust the back and leave the leg rest in the down position then you can. Alternatively, if you want to raise the leg rest but leave the back of the chair in its normal upright position then a dual motor facility means you can do exactly that.

What’s the benefit of a massage function?

Top of the range recliner chairs also have a built-in massage function that can be of real benefit to those with mobility issues, back problems, or lower leg problems. The chair’s massage function will have a number of settings, and when activated, pads underneath the surface will provide a gentle yet firm massage action.

This is particularly beneficial if the person using the chair suffers from limited mobility and spends a lot of time sitting down, or has back problems. Massage has been shown to stimulate the muscles and blood flow around the body and is a good way to prevent pressure sores from prolonged sitting. It can also help to relax both body and mind at the end of a busy day.

White leather recliner - fully reclined

Are there any drawbacks?

Dual motor recliner massage chairs tend to be quite bulky, so you will need to make sure you have the room to install one. Don’t forget that you’ll need more room both behind and in front of the chair so that it doesn’t bang into anything when it’s in the reclined position, and that it doesn’t obstruct walkways or doorways.

You will need to ensure that you are close to a power source (such as a wall socket), and make sure that any leads do not turn into a trip hazard.

Dual motor massage recliner chairs are not cheap – in fact, a top-of-the-range version such as the Canterbury, although models such as the Hainworth Electric Recliner with heat and massage function are generally more affordable. Bear in mind that while some chairs may be VAT-exempt, others won’t be, so check before you buy and factor an additional 20% if they are subject to VAT.

You may be able to get a certain amount of the cost covered by a grant if you can show that a dual motor massage recliner chair would be beneficial in the treatment or management of a long-term health condition.

Where can I get one of these bad boys?

The price you pay for a dual motor massage recliner chair may class as more of an ‘investment’ rather than an impulse purchase, but the sheer relaxation and comfort you’ll get from one is priceless.
At Fenetic Wellbeing, we carry a range of these chairs, ranging from the affordable to the luxurious and all points in between. If you’d like to know more then have a browse or contact us directly and chat to one of our friendly staff and they’ll be happy to talk to you about the different types of chair on offer.

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