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Tips And Tricks When Using A Massaging Recliner Chair

Tips And Tricks When Using A Massaging Recliner Chair
March 10, 2018

What is a massaging recliner chair?

Massaging recliner chairs have a multitude of benefits for users. Fenetic Wellbeing have shared their tips and trick on how to look after your massage recliner chair to make it last longer. 


How to look after your massaging recliner chair

Massaging recliners bring with them a wealth of innovative features, so it’s no surprise that they often come with a high-end price tag, so buying this type of chair is a real investment.

If you want to keep your model in tip-top condition for as long as possible, then it’s worth trying a couple of the following tricks:

1. Lighty clean your massage recliner chair

If you’ve opted for a leather model then invest in some gentle cleaning agents that won’t distress the upholstery. Synthetic fabrics and faux leather finishes can handle slightly harsher agents, but in general, your model will respond best to a gentle wipe-down with softer diluted solutions made with a mild detergent.

2. Spot-clean your massage recliner chair

It’s a common myth that you should be deep cleaning every inch of your chair to keep things fresh. Pay special attention to the areas of your seat that frequently come in to contact with exposed skin.

Your three main target areas should be the arms, neck and head. Many models feature removable upholstery, so you can individually clean sections of your seat without too much hassle.

3. Protect against pets

Do you know who’ll love your massage recliner almost as much, if not more than you yourself? Your pets!

If you’re the proud owner of a pooch or cat, be sure to leave your chair covered with material when unattended, to avoid any scratches to the surface or unwanted hairs.

Also, pay attention to any pet hairs that might find themselves sneaking into the mechanical parts of your chair, it’s worth gently dusting these parts to avoid any obstruction or potential pet-induced malfunction!

4. Watch your model’s weight capacity

You may find multiple children/grandchildren wanting to climb on board with you when relaxing on your massager, but be careful not to overload your chair. Too much weight can cause the mechanics to strain and perform at less than their best.

5. Use your massage recliner chair frequently

You probably won’t need much convincing when it comes to frequent use, but it’s worth noting that long periods of inactivity can promote a slightly sluggish performance. If it has been a while since you used your model, you may want to oil the internal parts.

If you have any concerns about your chair’s performance, get in touch with our experts at Fenetic Wellbeing to find out how to resolve these issues.


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